Apatheism FAQ

What is apatheism?

What apatheism is not: It is not atheism, it is not agnosticism. Apatheism is founded in the idea that there is a god(s) but mankind does not know or understand any deities that influence this world. Therefore, we do not worry about the god(s) that may or may not rule over this world, or any other worlds.
Apatheism takes it's name from the word apathetic, which according to Merriam-Webster can be defined as follows: "having little or no interest or concern", and from the word theism, defined as " belief in the existence of a god or gods". Apatheism together means not caring about the presence, or non-presence, or a god or gods.
We accept the fact that a) we do not know about the existence of any god(s) b) if there is a god (or gods) they have no interest in our actions.

How do you deal with morality issues?

As we have no god(s) or religious indoctrination to influence our actions we find our morality within ourselves. We believe that someone who can do good of their own volition is a greater person that does their good deeds out of fear of a wrathful god or because of promises of eternal happiness.
All people determine their own codes of morals and ethics. Some people are given a code from a religion and from society and it becomes their own. An apatheist determines their own code based mostly on their personal opinions on certain subjects.

If you don't care if there is a god or not, why do you have this website?

This website is not about whether or not there is a god. This website is about promoting a way of thinking. This website is here to show that there are more ways to think about religion other than "there is a god" and "there is no god". There is a middle ground in that human's do not know whether there is a god and that is okay.
If one day I was walking down the road an I received unrefutable proof that there, in fact, was a god or many gods then I would change this webpage to honour my new found deities. However, since this has not happened I will continue to proclaim myself as an apatheist.

You keep saying "we", are there many apatheists?

I am happy to say that, yes, there are other linkminded individuals out there. When I set out to make this webpage I did not know of the existence of Apatheists elsewhere. When I made this page I did a search for "apatheist" on the web expecting no results and received several. One of the larger groups is identified as "The Universal Triumphant Church of the Apathetic Agnostic". While they do not identify themselves as apatheists their ideology is very similar to the one I created while discussion Apatheism.
However, I am the only member of the Temple of Apatheism.


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