Contained within this page are various works that I've created out of countless hours of avoiding work and just fucking around with photoshop. I'll try and give a description of the image as best as I can. I'll also try and give you a brief "How'd I do that."


Fear 1024x768 (262kb)
Simple image. Two separate eyes and one mouth, all from different sources from Background (the bar code looking thing) was a 4 pixel wide line that had noise applied to it and then streched. Same deal with the background "FEAR".


PornSpread [1027x768 (268 kb)] [800x600 (190 kb)]
This Image was created from two different porn pictures. One creates a foreground while the second creates a red screened background. For this I also was trying out Photoshop's Fill/Pattern feature (the checkerboard background).

United We Stand [1024x768 (419 kb)] [800x600 (275 kb)]
Cheesy patriotic piece because of 9/11. Compilation of pictures I took of flags being flown in Morgantown. Nothing really special about it.


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