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General Links
Google The only search engine out there. The only one worth using anyways.
Iwon Pretty decent portal service, and you might win something

Cool Stuff
Global Security Strange little website. Among other things, archives images of clandestine and not so secret places. Bin Laden's camps, Nevada Test Site, Anti-Ballistic Missile Radar base in Russia, etc etc. Lots of information for the militant minded.
The Brain This goes beyond any description I can thing of. It is just incredibly cool. Several years ago it was totally free but now you have to pay if you want to keep it for longer than 30 days. But, if you got the money for it (not that expensive) it would be worth your while.
WebBrain This is a web directory based on The Brain software (see above). Very nifty.

Geek Links
Copyleft Stylish wear for the computer geek inside us all. Everything Geeky. 'Nuff said.
ThinkGeek Geek merchandising. Some stuff for the not so geeky as well.

Web/Graphic Design and Programming Links
Web Sites That Suck Learn what to do by learning what NOT to do.
Webmonkey Perfect for those looking for a tutorial or primer on most everything to do with Web design.

Humour Links
The Onion Read the best, and funniest, in totally fabricated news. "Because real news is boring."
Dilbert Read Dilbert comic strips on-line, as well as many other amusing items.
User Friendly Very good humour for the geeky ones.
Fark Very amusing site. Reports daily finds from the news and elsewhere on the web of the weird, strange, fucked-up, and just plain funny stuff.

SCA Links
SCA, Inc. The main site for the Society for Creative Anachronism. Links to a lot of info and resources.
Kingdom of AEthelmearc The official site for the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. Consists of West Virginia, western and central Pennsylvania, and western and central New York.
Shire of Mistyhighlands Shire in Northern West Virginia, does not include either panhandle. I manage this webpage.

Tattoo Links
BMEzine Lots of pictures and articles about all the ways you can modify your body (tattoos, piercing, scarring, subdermals, etc)
Thinkin' Ink Tattoo Studios West Virginia tattoo studio with studios in Morgantown, Fairmont, Elkins and Summersville.

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