Brian D Werner

17 Bluegrass Village
Morgantown, WV 26505

phone: 304-291-5804

Computer Skills

Programming Languages Known:

C/C++ Java Javascript Ada PHP

Familiar Operating Systems:

Windows 95/98/2000/NT

Applications Experienced With:

Microsoft Office Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Adope Photoshop
Microsoft Explorer 5.x Netscape Navigator 4.x and 6.x WebDB
Oracle 8i and 9i Adobe Acrobat Apache Web Server
MySQL PHP Macromedia Director 8.5
ColdFusion Server 5.0 ColdFusion Studio  


West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
BS in Computer Science
Graduation Date: May 2002

Educational Experience

While enrolled in West Virginia University, majoring in Computer Science have taken courses in Software Engineering, Programming Theory, Database Design, Computer Graphics, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithm Analysis, Programming Language Theory, and Data Structures. Have obtained experience working with Oracle, Apache, MySQL Server, PHP Server, and Unix.

Work Experience

  • 3/02 through present -- West Virginia Water Research Institute
    Responsible for website development, maintainence, and instruction. Also, worked with GIS systems with digitizing and geo-referencing of coal mine maps. Worked in a self-motivated environment with input about content. Responsible for formatting of content and development of images and graphical design for the site. Produced ColdFusion applications for content development and for web-based surveys.
  • 9/00 through 5/02 -- WVU College of Agriculture Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Department of Resource Management
    Responsible for Website development and programming. Interact with the faculty and staff to develop relevant and useful web content for the department. Other duties involve general computer maintainence, inventory, database development, and other computer related jobs as they arise.
  • 1/99 through 12/99 -- WVU Office of Academic Computing in Cooperation with TRW (a non-government contractor with the NASA IV & V Centre in Fairmont, WV)
    Responsible for various programming assigments. Tasks included design, debugging, verification, and implementation. Skills utilized were programming, team work skills, database management, UNIX server work, and research. Programming languages used or learned for these tasks were Perl, Visual Basic, Java, C++, and UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • 1/98 through 1/99 -- WVU Office of Academic Computing
    PPP Technician. Answered customer service calls for WVNET PPP accounts distributed through the WVU Office of Academic Computing. Also responsible for licensed software distribution, workshop registration, and varied miscellaneous jobs.